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ပြိုင်မြင်းကောင်းတို့မည်သည် မိမိနှင့်အတူပြေးနေကြသည့် အခြားပြိုင်မြင်းများကို ဘယ်တော့မှ လှည့်မကြည့်။ မိမိဘာသာ အမြန်ဆုံး ပြေးနိုင်ရေးကိုသာ အာရုံစူးစိုက်စမြဲဖြစ်သည်။

My Awards
Name Description Award
SQL Injector SQL Injector SQL Injector
XSS Master XSS Master XSS Master
Windows Pro Windows Pro Windows Pro
Linux Pro Linux Pro Linux Pro
Metasploit Pro Metasploit Pro Metasploit Pro
GFX Master GFX Master GFX Master
Cryptography Pro Cryptography Pro Cryptography Pro
Perl Pro Perl Pro Perl Pro
Python Pro Python Pro Python Pro
Ruby Pro Ruby Pro Ruby Pro
Java Pro Java Pro Java Pro
C,C++,C# Pro C,C++,C# Pro C,C++,C# Pro
Bash/Batch Pro Shell Scripting Pro Bash/Batch Pro
Programmer Programmer Programmer
MOTM Member of the Month MOTM
Elite Member MSF Elite Elite Member
HQ Member High Quality HQ Member
Sticker Sticky Man Sticker
White Hat White Hat Hacker White Hat
Ethical Ethical Hacker Ethical
Black Hat Black Hat Hacker Black Hat
Gamer Gamer Gamer
Protector Protector of MSF Protector
Rat Master Rat Master Rat Master
Mentor Mentor Mentor
Defacer Defacer Defacer
Genius Great Thinker Genius
Gift Any user can buy this gift for another user for 5000Kyats Gift
1000posts For who have reached 1000posts 1000posts
Credit God For who have 1000 Kyat Credit God
Developer Guru Very expert in Web Design & Developing Developer Guru
Tutor You make very high quality Tutorials Tutor
Group Owner You own a group on MSF. Congratulations! Group Owner
Anime Fan You are an otaku Anime Fan
Sapphire of Senior This is for upgrading to senior and to signify your status. Sapphire of Senior
Wireless Pro Wireless Pro Wireless Pro
Dog Lover This is for the fans of dogs. Dog Lover
Cat Lover For all the members that just love cats. Cat Lover
Respect Who is for Respect for MSF. Respect
Star You're well known. Star
Drunk For the proven inebriated ones. Drunk
MSF Author Just Only MSF Authors MSF Author
Master Donator Who donate MSF to 10000 Kyats Master Donator
Diamond A valued member of our community. Diamond
Speaker of the House This award goes to members that have a lot to say. Speaker of the House
Militant You love the fight. Be a warrior to get this award. Militant
Vip MSF VIP Member Vip
Rich Bitch Show me da money and Donate 50000 Kyats to gain this award. Rich Bitch
Doxer Dox expert Doxer
Weapon This user owns a gun. Weapon
Wanted. This user has been in some legal trouble in the past. Wanted.
Night Owl This award is for staying up late at night with other members. Night Owl
Cannabis For all the stoners out there. Cannabis
Royal Heart Given to users who constantly help MSF and are respected. Royal Heart
Ring of Thanks Earn the ring of thanks this by having over 5,000 thanks! Ring of Thanks
Android Developer Who developed an android software, having a lot of knowledge and android programming skills. Android Developer
Cracker Who crack the code of software Cracker
Porn Master Porn Collector Porn Master
Bug Reporter You can get this award with MSF Forum Error Report Bug Reporter