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ျပိဳင္ျမင္းေကာင္းတို႕မည္သည္ မိမိႏွင့္အတူေျပးေနၾကသည့္ အျခားျပိဳင္ျမင္းမ်ားကို ဘယ္ေတာ့မွ လွည့္မၾကည့္။ မိမိဘာသာ အျမန္ဆံုး ေျပးႏိုင္ေရးကိုသာ အာရံုစူးစိုက္စျမဲျဖစ္သည္။

Posting a New Thread
When you go to a forum you are interested in and you wish to create a new thread (or topic), simply choose the button at the top and bottom of the forums entitled "New Thread". Please take note that you may not have permission to post a new thread in every forum as your administrator may have restricted posting in that forum to staff or archived the forum entirely.